Towing Services

Accident Scene Towing

Our prompt response to accident scene towing avoids unnecessary financial emergencies and prevents authorities from towing the vehicle to one of their facilities, charging for both towing and storage. Policyholder stress levels will go through the roof if forced through the inconvenience, time and expense of personally securing the release of their vehicle.

For You:

Every attempt will be made to arrive before the authorities, preventing unnecessary towing, storage and fees. In addition to fast, accurate transport request and reporting, the vehicle will be transported to the policyholders preferred repair shop, saving one or more days in storage and rental car fees. 

For Your Customers:

Vehicle taken to and repaired by the auto shop they choose. Irritating details will be professionally managed on his or her behalf. Follow up customer survey will be issued to confirm that the policyholder has received caring, professional service.

Speed, Service
and Convenience.

Saves you money by offering immediate response to accident scenes.

Secondary Towing

QuestX is an established leader within this industry. We introduced discount same day towing to combat compounded charges, we have established procedures that cut through the red tape. Repair and salvage companies play an expensive waiting game that build up unnecessary charges. QuestX saves you money by beating them at their game. 

Our Process:

Our turnkey towing process includes all the steps necessary to make your life simple and easy. We except transport request by phone, fax, web, or existing platforms and manage all release details, including advanced fees, signatures and paperwork. We also post images of the original total invoice and advance fees online along with our secondary tow invoice, this gives our insurance carriers all the documentation needed for subrogation purposes. 

Our Knowledge & Network:

We ensure professionalism in the handling of secondary to situations. We arrange for same-day transfer of vehicles, reduce rapid cycle time, and negotiate advanced, storage and rental car fees. Our real-time claims and efficient reporting increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty. 


The QuestX leadership team is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and understands how to maintain a positive relationship with providers. We place a lot of trust in QuestX and their network of providers. This makes a difference with overall customer experience, especially when you’re working with non-standard and commercial vehicles. These tend to be the vehicles with the most unique attributes, and they require a special level of skill and care.

One of the top insurance providers in the country


  • Web based access to transport a vehicle

  • Streamlined claims response and handling.

  • Real-time detailed reporting via web.

  • Confirmation that the service has been completed via web and/or email.

You win.

Your customers win.

Start Saving Money Immediately with QuestX Secondary Towing & Accident Scene Towing Services.